Interactive Small Business Modules

Understand your business, competitors, customers and success strategies using our interactive small business platform.


Module 01

Your Business

Let’s find out more about your business. This module seeks to understand more about your business.

  • Are you an existing business wanting to learn and grow
  • Perhaps a new business that wants to start with the right foundations
  • Are you an existing business that is looking to pivot or change
  • We look at the motivation and reasons to start your small business
  • What legal structures and systems are relevant to you?

Module 02

Goal setting

Goals enable you to set realistic targets and cuts thru the noise of what you need to achieve.

  • What are your personal goals including how you want to spend your family and leisure time
  • Working goals, what will a working week look like for you and what are you prepared to sacrifice
  • You want your business to make money, we will look at what financial success looks like for you

Module 03

Products & Services

Understand what your customer values from your product or service

  • Do you offer a product or a service, maybe a mixture of both?
  • Let’s detail your offering and see where you sit in the market
  • Should you be specialising or looking for a niche market?
  • How do you differentiate your service?
  • What are the features of your product that appeals to customers?

Right Business Now looks at product and service. You can focus on each separately.


Module 04


Knowing what others are doing right or wrong, enables you to better promote and sell your product or service.

  • RBN gives you the numbers behind your industry!
  • How many businesses are you competing against?
  • What is their turnover or revenue, by size of business?
  • More than just numbers, lets look at what the competition is doing
  • Who and where are your competitors?

Module 05


Thinking about your ideal customer informs your sales and marketing activities.

  • Let’s look at the size of the opportunity for your customers!
  • Are your customers consumers or are they a business?
  • More than just the numbers, why do they buy from you?
  • What do your customers value? What is important to them?
  • Where are they located?

Module 06


Our pricing module includes a useful tool that enables you to calculate revenue, margin and profitability! So you know what you need to achieve to hit your targets.

  • RBN explores how you price your service or product
  • What are some pricing strategies available to you?
  • Our platform offers a pricing tool to help forecast sales
  • We detail pricing strategies that can work for you

Module 07


There is a lot to sales and Right Business Now details many sales instghts that are relevant to small businesses.

  • Understand your sales process?
  • Sales planning and measurement is detailed
  • Lead generation and best practice
  • Online sales? let’s explore

We also include an interactive SWOT analysis to get you started


Module 08


There are many facets to small business marketing! This is one of our most comprehensive modules and we detail many types of marketing and best practice.

  • RBN details the different marketing disciplines
  • We provide marketing best practice?
  • We deliver practical, useful tips for marketing your small business

Module 09


RBN delves into your branding essence and what it is your brand needs to communicate.

  • What do you want your brand to communicate?
  • How do you want your brand to be perceived?
  • What is your brand currently telling your customers about you?

Module 10

Business Advice

Business advisors can be expensive, to get the right business advice can be hard. Understand what you are wanting to do with your business, to drive what advice you need!

  • What kind of business advice do you need?
  • What are your options for expansion, funding, investing or even selling your business?
  • Let’s look at growth and business cost strategies!

Empowering small business success!

Right Business Now is the first solution focused solely on support for small business growth and success

Easy to use

RBN offer an easy to use platform that simplifies learning. Our modules present best practice solutions to small business questions, leaving the guess work out of what you need to do for business success and growth.


Small business focus

Small business in Australia is the backbone of the economy, but one that is overlooked for support. Right Business Now is singularly focused on small business support.


Affordable small business support

Right Business Now is an affordable option to small business owners. For less than the cost of an hour visit to your local Accountant, RBN delivers engaging strategies and ideas to grow your business. Your online business advisor!


Technology that helps

The team at RBN have focussed on technology that helps to understand what is going on with your small business. We offer a collaborative tool to make it easier to understand the numbers behind your industry and your competitors.


Small business resources

Right Business Now is loaded with additional resources for small business. We not only deliver an intuitive and easy-to-use business support tool, but we present additional resources and outside support to help you with your small business aspirations. Business advice that is practical!


Small Business Success Platform.
The business advice and tools you need to grow your business!

We understand the pain-points small business owners are feeling – a of lack of affordable, business support.
Right Business Now was developed by small business owners for small business owners.