Right Business Now
The small business advice and success platform

3 Biggest problems facing small
business in Australia

The growth success platform
like no other

Right Business Now is packed with everything a small business needs,
as it engages, educates and supports small business owners

  • Empowers small business owners to grow with relevant business advice
  • Interactive with answers – so you are not sitting thru endless videos
  • Cost effective – both in practice time and investment cost
  • All in one solution – easy to use business education for owners
  • Summary checklist – so you can focus and prioritise what to do next

Types of small business Right Business Now helps?

Started a New Business

Are you starting a new business and not sure what to do or focus on? RBN provides practical business advice to new businesses in Australia.

New Business Ideas

You want to start a new business in Australia, but not sure what or how? RBN can help you with practical ways to generate new business ideas and steps to build your business.

Business that is Growing

You are an existing business that is growing. Do you need support and business advice to help manage your business growth? We offer practical business growth strategies.

Mature Business Support

Are you a mature small business wanting ideas and learning to better manage your existing business. Our modules cover all facets of small business to help you manage your success.

All the tools you need for business success

Right Business Now provides a checklist at the end of each module with action steps and additional resources to keep you on the right track.

You can easily move between modules
You do not need to complete all modules

Module 1

Your Business

Starting a new business or running an existing business?
What is your business motivation?
Business structure and systems explored

Module 2


Personal goals and your leisure time
Working goals, what a working week looks like
Financial goals, what do you want to earn

Module 3

Product or Service

Do you sell a product or a service?
Let’s look at your offering in more detail
Is it a specialist product or service?

Module 4


We tell you the number of competitors in your industry
What is the revenue that is being generated in your industry?
Let’s detail how competition works in your industry

Module 5


Do you sell to consumers (B2C) or business (B2B)?
Do you know the size of your target market?
We tell you the number of customers for your target market

Module 6


How does your industry price its product or service?
Detail your pricing structure
Interactive pricing tool helps you forecast revenue

Module 7


Let’s look at your sales process
Where do you want to grow your sales?
How do you generate sales

Module 8


Our most comprehensive module!
RBN explores social, direct, email,website and more
We detail marketing best practice?

Module 9


Your small business, your brand
What are you trying to communicate with your brand?
Your values, your brand strengths, let’s explore

Module 10

Business Advice

We explore business planning and measures
What are my future options for the business?
What kind of business advice do I need?

Finally, small business advice and support
that doesn’t cost a fortune

Small businesses are the cornerstone of the economy,
yet are not supported with good business advice!
RBN provides an easy-to-use, cost effective means for small business owners to succeed.

Great End-User Experience

  • Each module is clearly presented
  • Work thru the modules at your own pace
  • Intuitive, your answers define the future questions
  • Want to do some research, use our platform to understand industries and consumers
  • More features that are relevant to small business owners
  • Cost-effective, less expensive than an hour consultation with an Adviser
  • Clear checklist on completion that provides your action plan

Interactive Small Business Platform

  • Modules that detail what is small business success
  • Intuitive questions that enquire and inform
  • Rules based questions that are specific and relevant to your business
  • Key facets of business success is covered
  • Complete each module in your own time
  • Interactive so you feel part of the solution process
  • Checklist for each module for you to prioritise the next steps

Small Business Data Presented Simply

  • We all struggle with numbers! Data is presented in an easy to understand way
  • RBN will detail the number of businesses in your industry
  • Want to know what your competitors revenue looks like?
  • How many businesses are entering and leaving your industry
  • More than 500 industries presented
  • Business data for small business owners
  • Market stats by industry, size, state and across Australia
  • Drill down to identify industry opportunities
  • Consumer data by gender and location, right down to suburb

Are you wanting to understand the numbers behind your industry and customers?

Right Business Now is the first interactive platform in Australia that presents industry, competition and market data for small businesses.

We detail the number of business by employment size, turnover, location and much more! So you can easily understand your market and competitors.

Sell to consumers, we can provide the size of your market by age and gender – right down to the suburb.

Small Business Success Platform.
The business advice and tools you need to grow your business!

We understand the pain-points small business owners are feeling – a of lack of affordable, business support.
Right Business Now was developed by small business owners for small business owners.