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Let’s look inside the smarts behind our innovative small business platform

September 26, 2023

Right Business Now is an innovative learning tool for small business owners in Australia. Many small business owners look to a “business advisor” for support and help. Our platform is cost effective means for business advice. It is full of useful, intuitive tools to help small business owners. The key to Right Business Now is in the answers. A lot of small business advice provides reading or videos, but doesn’t really offer the answers.

Right Business Now takes the guess work out of how you grow your small business by presenting solutions to business questions and learning.

We have highlighted some of the available tools presented as part of our small business success platform.

Pricing your Product or Service

Many business owners do not feel comfortable with numbers. This is where they might go to a business advisor for help. Right Business Now offers an innovative pricing tool that enables small business owners to forecast their revenue, by changing either the price or volume of their small business product or service.

RBN can forecast the revenue target by changing either the price or the number your sell!

Customers – Consumers (B2C)

Small business owners are often asked how big is the customer market for their product or service. It’s a hard one to answer until now!
Right Business Now can detail the number of consumer customers for your small business. We can segment by gender – Male and Female, also by location – State, City or Country, Local Area, Council and Suburb.


When starting a business, advice tends to be that you should understand the competition you will be facing. This can be hard and the team at Right Business Now supports small business owners with the numbers behind their industry. We tell you how many businesses there are in your state and in Australia. These are grouped by employment size. RBN also details the revenue being generated in your industry. Whether you want to benchmark your business, or understand the revenue for your industry, we’ve got you covered.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis seems like a simple process for small business owners. The team at Right Business Now find many small business owners struggle getting into the detail and we have added SWOT analysis to our innovative platform. This is where they go to business advisers for specialist advice. In our intuitive platform, small business owners are presented with relevant examples of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Seeking business advice from a business advisor, accountant or lawyer can be expensive!

Right Business Now was created by small business owners for small business owners. Our business platform is intuitive, providing the answers to many small business questions. Most small business support comes from articles and lots of reading. Right Business Now gives you the information so you are spending time thinking about what is relevant to your small business.

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Right Business Now was built by small business owners for small business owners!