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Right Business Now or Formal Business Qualifications?

April 11, 2024

Small business owners are the backbone of the Australian economy. As the jack of all trades, they need to master many strings to their business bow. Wanting to better learn the foundation of business practice can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour. The team at Right Business Now have put together information on why small business owners in Australia should choose Right Business Now over formal business training such as a Certificate IV in Business.

Practical Small Business Learnings vs Formal Theory

Formal qualifications such as the Certificate IV in Business has its merit! Right Business Now prioritises practical business learning beyond theory. We understand that small business owners face unique challenges that often require hands-on solutions, rather than business theory.

By focusing on real-world small business practice, our platform equips small business and entrepreneurs in Australia with actionable strategies. These strategies can be implemented and are presented to answer specific business needs.

Our real-world focus comes from the team behind Right Business Now having decades of experience running and managing businesses. The team has devised RBN to be present practical advice that has been experienced over the years.

Tailored Small Business Advice for Real Business Challenges

RBN provides tailored guidance for the diverse challenges small business owners encounter. Whether it is  marketing strategies, improving customer segmentation, our intuitive small business support is designed to address the specific pain points faced by Australian entrepreneurs and small business owners. This is done with answers, so you are choosing the best solution that is specific to your business needs.

Cost Effective Learning Solutions

Small business owners that are pursuing formal qualifications such as the Certificate IV in Business, can find the learning costly. This cost can be in both course expense, tuition fees, and most importantly, time!

Our platform delivers cost-effective small business learning solutions that represents high value without breaking the bank. Our team believe that access the cost of quality business education should not be a barrier for aspiring small business owners. This is why we keep our resources affordable to many.

Flexibility of Right Business Now vs Formal Education

Right Business Now is developed so you can learn on your time. Traditional education often requires fitting into a timetable and classroom attendance. This can make it challenging for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners to balance their learning with running or starting a business in Australia.

Our platform offers flexibility, allowing small business owners to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. You can also concentrate on the business discipline that you think is most pressing to you. Whether it’s late-night study sessions or early morning brainstorming, our resources are available whenever and wherever they’re needed. Small business owners can start at any module and do not need to complete all business modules.

Up-to-date Business Trends and Best Practice

With an ever-changing business landscape, one that is evolving with new trends, technologies and market dynamics you need to ensure your business learning is relevant.

Formal qualifications may struggle to keep up with changes, relying on outdated curriculum and methodologies. RBN details best practice, agile and responsive, constantly updating our business content to reflect the latest industry trends. We ensure that small business owners stay ahead of the business curve.

As a small business learning tool, we have the smarts and capabilities to constantly update and keep on top of what is trending in business and specifically – small business.

More than Theory – Actionable Strategies for Small Business

RBN is focused on delivering tangible results for small business owners. Rather than getting bogged down in business theory, we provide actionable strategies and practical tips that entrepreneurs and small business owners can implement immediately.

We want to help drive growth and success in your businesses. From step-by-step guides to hands-on work, our small business resources are designed to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to take action and see real results.

Personalised Feedback and Mentorship

One-size-fits-all approaches rarely work in business, which is why our platform offers personalised feedback and mentorship to help small business owners navigate their unique challenges. Whether it’s understanding sales, getting guidance on marketing tactics, or seeking advice on your ideal customer, our experts are here to deliver tailored support every step of the way.

Focus on Results: Driving Business Success

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of any business education is to drive growth and business success. Our platform is laser-focused on delivering results for small business owners, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to take their businesses to the next level. Whether it’s increasing revenue, expanding market share, or improving profitability, our platform is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their business goals.

Empower Independence and Entrepreneurial Spirit

While formal qualifications can provide a solid foundation of knowledge, they may also foster a dependency on external validation and authority. In contrast, Right Business Now is built to empower small business owners to take ownership of their success and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.

By providing the practical tools, resources, and support, our aim is to instill confidence and self-reliance in entrepreneurs and small business owners as they navigate the challenges of building and growing their businesses.

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